Puppy Paws || Mount Forest Photographer

As many of you will remember, just 2 days after we moved into our new house we had to put our beloved family dog to rest, he was 12.5 and was such a good family dog and for many years my best friend.
Yesterday was a hard day for me, driving out in the afternoon to pick up our new man was so bittersweet to me and to be totally honest, I drove in tears. Although my parents have always had dogs, they’ve been family dogs and Ive always loved them, Elwood was MY dog, MY boy. As I got closer, I was more at peace. See yesterday was also 2 months exactly to when we said good bye to Elwood…
So I go in, go through all the paperwork, and then she brought him in, INSTANT love. Instantly everything felt right. Our family has missed Elwood deeply, missed him as a companion, missed having a dog – as he was always a part of our family. Our kids have never known our family household without a dog. However at the same time the way they handled his death was amazing. They know he is up in Heaven with Grama Zmija and Beau, Cars has also told me he’s felt him beside him. We had many signs leading up to getting Mr Becker, that has also reassured me that, this was right. This is what Elwood wanted.
So without further adu… our new lil man BECKER!

We are all looking forward to watching him grow and enjoying him being a part of our family… well I guess not exactly all of us just yet, the cat is still undecided at this point lol however she isn’t hissing as much, all while he couldn’t really care what she did.
Im sure there will be LOTS more photos of this lil man 🙂

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