The "I" Family… Portraits In The Park || Mount Forest Photographer

Here is the first family I shot at the wonderful fundraiser for Infertility Awareness. I had such a great time photographing 7 families while assisting Kara DeRose and her Hubby Nathan raise money for the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada . The purpose of raising money for this group is to get government assistance for couples seeking infertility treatments.  Having personally been through infertility I immediately jumped at the opportunity to help make a difference!

Keep watching the blog as I have 6 more photoshoots from this day to process! Up next is the “T” Family! Also for all of these families please note that as per the model release for the Portraits in the Park the wait time for the CD’s is approximately 6-8 weeks from the date of the Photoshoots (Aug 7th), its a lot of work to not only process ALL of the photos for each family (which I am having a blast doing it brings the biggest smile to my face!), Kara also must sort through all sessions to ensure they get out to each individual family after the Photographer sends her our files. Thank you for your support and understanding!

Also for anyone wanting to participate and help us raise money, the Portraits in the Park does typically take place in May… the date had to be changed for this year. However the reason it is held in May during Infertility Awareness Week.

For more information or to stay up to date for next years event… check out the Facebook Page
Portraits In The Park

I had a great time photographing your family! Thank you very much for coming out and supporting such a great cause 🙂 Your girls are just beautiful! Hope you enjoy.

One thought on “The "I" Family… Portraits In The Park || Mount Forest Photographer

  1. Heather Inder – they are amazing! you did such a great job i can't wait till we can see them all. thank you pamela for making it a good day and giving us this experience 🙂

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