The good + bad… pics, bits + bytes… this is my life ;)

Well we are all moved into our new house, pretty much unpacked with just a bit left to find the proper home for. Things have been very busy for us with the move and unfortunately after moving we had to say good bye to a very dear family member, just 2 days after moving to our new home we had to say good bye to our family dog, a dog who I had raised since he was a baby and truly was my ‘fur baby’. My heart is still very heavy, however I know he is at peace now. With moving and dealing with this family sadness it took us longer to get back into our ‘routines’. 

As my blog is not just for my own business photography, part of the reason I got into photography was because of my own family… especially my kids. Now that life is all fitting back into place I felt an updated blog post was in order 🙂

These were taken the morning we had to say our good-bye’s. He was such an amazing dog with the kids, even in his final moments he loved having them snuggle him. ❤ You always buddy, RIP Elwood!
So my kids of course knowing mommy was very sad and missing Elwood were great at helping me smile.
Certainly helped too that the kids at their age are so matter of fact + literal about things, such as the boy asking me to untie Elwoods tie out because ‘he’s never coming back mommy’ *tears* or the girl saying to me that she misses Elwood but ‘Im not sad’ – to her being sad is crying your eyes out like mommy was lol.
We also had a couple visitors to welcome us to our new home… mommy was far from thrilled hahaha!
Then the next day we walk outside off to get our sitter and who do we find on the front grass up by the garden…
We’ve been enjoying our new home, including our new bigger yard. The kids LOVE having more space to run. I am loving these gardens we now own, gorgeous!
We couldn’t ask for better neighbours… Gorgeous horses owned by a fantastic family.
And the gorgeous night sky…
The kids are loving their new backyard…
I am still slightly behind on my editing. Had a fantastic weekend at the Mount Forest Fireworks Festival this past Saturday and spend this past Sunday at the beach with the family! I am a very proud member of the Mount Forest Camera Club who photographed the Fireworks Festival event for the local community! I am excited to see the photographs that my fellow photog’s have compiled from the event!
I will soon have some family session photos to share – once I have them completed – and as well some photos from a local company which has recently celebrated their 50th year in business! I was very honored to have them ask me to take their company photos 🙂

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