Behind the Scene’s with Pam & SOOC Shot Before Editing || Mount Forest Photographer

Happy Hump Day – Hump Hour… its lunch time on Wednesday and its SNOWING… seriously soooo over winter, however what better to do to bring up my spirits while taking a break from work and gazing out the window at all this white stuff than to post a couple photos!

This post is inspired by a post I read on the NAPCP blog – which is the National Association of Professional Child Photographers. Im taking this directly from the blog as she worded it perfectly – however be sure to check it out here . This is what she (September 29, 2010 Posted by ClaireSmith) wrote…

“So you’ve just finished your session and are anxiously awaiting the proofs from your photographer. Now what? What goes on behind the scenes and why does it often take a couple weeks to see your proofs? Well, today you are getting just that; an inside look into how your pictures go from the photographer’s camera to the finished proofs. Editing is one of many important processes that allows each photographer to express their visual creativity and individuality when they are photographing your family. The editing process is often the most time consuming, and can take anywhere from 3-5 hours per session. However, you can trust that the finished result is something worth waiting for. After all, your photographer’s work with that bright pops of color or those classic black & white images that you were originally drawn to is probably one reason you hired them. Furthermore, the editing that is done to achieve that unique look is something that makes the pictures of your family not just a picture, but a work of art.”

What I love about this post is she emphasizes the great importance to the post processing work, which essentially is the “work” behind photography – heck taking the photos … for me… is FUN! I love it. I love interacting with the children and parents or couples! Thats what is FUN. But then… once I am home and download all of your RAW photos – I am reminded of the fun we had together – seriously I sit at my computer with this giddy little grin on my face remembering the giggles, laughs, faces, poses, smiles … fun we had and memories created and captured!

As many of you know, I can never wait even a day to get a sneak up for you to see 😉 Thats the mom in me, the images truly are a treasure!

A blog post isn’t a proper one without a photo… here are a couple images I pulled out quick to show my SOOC and my edited version. You not only need to have an eye for photography being a photographer you need to have an eye for art as well, as when you are going through the post processing process you transform the photo into a work of art… and as my website declares … Your Life As Art Photography!

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