Happy Birthday to MY GIRL! || Mount Forest Photographer

My children truly are the root of my passion for photography. Although I had a love for art before I became a mother, the amazing desire I had on our journey to become parents made this that much more meaningful for me. There will always be tough days or trying moments, however my children are what has made me who I am today. So to celebrate them… their birthdays get an extra special & fun photography shoot 🙂 (remember Carsons from the fall lol with the balloons in the park…)

That is why this post is totally dedicated to MY GIRL! 

We celebrated her 3rd Birthday this weekend… my baby girl! 

Its very rare that I actually ‘set up’ shots with my kids – directed photos yes I do those ALL the time hehe. But actually set up showing her how to pose naturally… this is rare and my gosh was this girl such a natural. She blew me away, there I was on the chair in my living room, everything pushed back out of the way and me saying ‘ok mady look this way, now look at me, smile, no not a cheesy smile just smile naturally” yes she ‘got’ what the “cheesy” smile was and what my “natural” smile is that I wanted! 

This is what happened when she heard me say ‘smile’ … lol this is why I RARELY will tell my kids to smile 😉

How much fun I had in literally just minutes capturing these shots of her… 

And her outdoor balloon photos… 

And… cake time!

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