February Mount Forest Photography Club || Mount Forest

Last Spring I helped bring together a local group of photographers ranging from very beginners to hobbyists to professionals also shooting with point and shoot, entry level DSLR’s, pro-sumer DSLR’s and pro DSLR’s also ranging in ages. I have had so much fun meeting these people and sharing our own likes, dislikes, equipment, techniques etc. This past meeting was an absolute blast with lots of laughs as well as camera talk 🙂

The theme which was decided at the January meeting was – Abandon… and the objective was for the photographer to take that word and put their own spin on how they could describe it. 

Here are my photos… 

My kids abandoned playset in the winter in our backyard… 
Our abandoned lawn mower

Our abandoned back yard after a huge snow fall… very peaceful too!

Our abandoned deck and bbq
My poor abandoned kitchen lol 

If anyone is interested in joining us next month… please email for details! Or check out our blog http://www.mountforestphotographyclub.blogspot.com for details (which will be posted soon!). 

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