Fun in the snow – February Snow Storm || Mount Forest Photography

Well I wondered if the weather man was actually going to be right – nothing against them of course, however it was pretty calm… then yes early morning the storm hit! I missed the thunder, but the wind – WOW! 

I held the kids off from going outside until 4pm… at exactly 350pm little man Cars began getting his stuff on, seriously how did he know what time it was lol. I wont complain they were great today, I was able to get some work done and they enjoyed having a lazy day 🙂 All in all good day! 

So when we went outside I of course had to bring my camera out for a bit… then joined in with the kids climbing up the snow hills and shoveled the walk. But man oh man was it COLD! After being out for half and hour I was sooo ready to come in – good thing is they were too 😉 

Click on the photo’s to view bigger 🙂 

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